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The Fuligni Estate spreads over approximately one hundred fully-cultivated hectares of land in an almost continual strip on the eastern side of Montalcino where, historically, the most authentic production of Brunello emerged.

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  • BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO D.O.C.G. RISERVAIn the biggest years, the Fulignis select a Brunello Reserve which is aged, according to regulations, for five years, three of which are in wood. The grapes primarily come from the oldest vines in the vineyard. The Brunello Reserve produced from these vines certainly presents characteristics of extreme longevity but immediately reveals its important quality and appeal with the potential of an ageing which may occur over many decades according to storage conditions. Fuligni’s Reserve can be found in the cellars of the biggest collectors and represents an excellent investment thanks to its high value on the market and in auctions.


  • BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO D.O.C.G.Aged by regulations for four years, of which approximately two and a half are in wood, Fuligni’s regular Brunello di Montalcino also has optimal lasting characteristics but is destined for more immediate drinking. With its elegant combination of fruit and spicy aromas, the Fuligni Brunello is, in any case, the result of carefully selected grapes coming from low yields per hectare and is not produced in years when the quality of the harvested grapes is not suitable to maintain the high standards of the estate.


  • ROSSO DI MONTALCINO D.O.C. GINESTRETOThe Fuligni Rosso di Montalcino bears the name Ginestreto and, for many years, has been well-known on the market as a product of high quality due to an attentive selection of grapes. Partially aged for about six months in French oak tonneaux, it bears a strong fruity fl avor which can complement an endless array of dishes.


  • S.J. (SAN JACOPO) I.G.T. TOSCANAThe Fulignis have produced this Tuscan I.G.T. “variation on the Sangiovese theme” for a few years now. S.J. originates from a blend of mostly Sangiovese grapes from own vines and of Merlot from the Bandita vineyard. Aged for some months in French oak tonneaux, it affords a slightly soft impact preserving the brilliant quality and freshness of the Sangiovese grape.






  • EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILThe vines and the olive trees favour a natural place of elevation in Montalcino. The Fuligni olive grove is located at an altitude that varies from 300 to 450 metres above sea level on the classic eastern side of the hill of Montalcino. The harvest is strictly manual and occurs in mid-November with a cold pressing of all varieties immediately after picking. The olive trees, which vary in age (some are very old and miraculously survived the great freeze of 1990), also differ in varieties including Correggiolo, Frantoio and Leccino. The resulting oil is characterised by beautiful shades of green and is generously fragrant in its fruity hints and typically aggressive peak which makes it perfect for typical Tuscan dishes including all types of meat and, most of all, for “bruschetta”.

FuligniOur Vineyards

The vines, which extend over ten hectares, are primarily located at Cottimelli at altitudes varying from 380 to 450 meters above sea level. Here, the land, which predominantly faces east, belongs entirely to the Santa Fiora (marl) geological formation of Eocene origin and is made up of a prevalently rocky terrain.

Variety of grape varieties


12,5 hectares of Sangiovese cultivation


1/2 ettaro coltivazione Merlot

FuligniThe History

The Fuligni Viscounts, a long-standing Venetian family, moved to England in the 14th century at the head of a troop of mercenaries at the service of Edward III. With the succession of the Absburg- Lorraine to the Grand Duchy, Luigi Fuligni was transferred to Tuscany as general of the new sovereignty and, around 1770, received an extensive concession of land in the Maremma from the Grand Duke, Pietro Leopoldo. Fuligni’s task was to see to the reclamation of the land as was the wish of the enlightened monarch. Giovanni Maria Fuligni settled in Montalcino at the beginning of 1900 and started to produce wine just as his family had previously done predominantly in the area around Scansano in the Maremma.

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